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Title: Symantec Cloud-Delivered Web Security Service Web Security Effectiveness Versus A Competitive Cloud Security Solution

Publication date:   15 January 2017
Document number:    217111


Traditional, premise-based network security is an essential part of any enterprise security strategy. New enterprise requirements, such as the need to secure mobile users and mange employees who are directly accessing cloud-based SaaS business applications, has led to innovative capabilities and flexible deployment approaches that IT and Security teams need to consider as they re-evaluate their security architecture.

Symantec Corp. commissioned Tolly to evaluate the Symantec Cloud-Delivered Web Security Service and compare its effectiveness to that of another competitive cloud-based security solution. Testing primarily focused on evaluating the effectiveness of each solution in its detection of malware. Tolly also analyzed each solution’s ability to avoid false positives, an important consideration when evaluating these products since false positives can quickly overwhelm precious security personnel resources. Finally, Tolly looked at some other important areas, such as deployment flexibility, CASB support, and security policy administration. Tests showed that the Symantec solution’s performance was superior across the full suite of malware detection tests.

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