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Title: HP t630 Thin Client Comparative Performance and User Experience Evaluation versus Dell Wyse 5060

Publication date:   19 July 2017
Document number:    217123


The growing popularity of cloud computing and the maturity of client virtualization ecosystems have brought forth new areas where thin client computing can provide cost effective solutions. Today’s thin client systems must have sufficient power to handle some levels of local processing and graphics demands including the latest-generation, high resolution UHD/4K displays.

HP commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance and user experience of the HP t630 Thin Client and compare it to the Dell Wyse 5060 thin client solution. Tests encompassed both Windows and Linux operating systems.

The HP t630 Thin Client outperformed the comparable Dell Wyse system in a number of tests that included LAN/WAN visual experience, file upload/download of both Windows and Linux clients, and Windows-only 4K resolution playback and PassMark test suite.

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