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Title: TELoIP Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) SD-WAN Quality-of-Experience (QoE), Reliability, & Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   28 August 2017
Document number:    217125


Multi-link WANs alone do not constitute an enterprise networking solution. Intelligence is needed to turn that bandwidth into value. TELoIP’s VINO SD-WAN provides that intelligence. VINO SD-WAN can aggregate multiple underlay links, steer and rate-limit traffic at a per-packet level, provide failover, traffic shaping and acceleration all as a managed service.

TELoIP commissioned Tolly to evaluate key aspects and attributes of its VINO SD-WAN service - and the companion VINO SD-Internet service. Tests encompassed application prioritization (quality of experience), link speed and aggregation, and failover.

VINO SD-WAN demonstrated that the service can deliver QoE appropriate for priority and non-priority traffic, can utilize multiple WAN links of different capacities in an active-active configuration to maximize application throughput and provide seamless failover to secondary/backup WAN links.

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