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Title: Huawei PTN Leased Line Solution Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   15 September 2017
Document number:    217132


With telecom carrier networks’ evolution to all-IP, service network and network edge client side’s migration to be IP-based is accelerating. This trend makes the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) circuit switching technology, which has been used for more than 20 years, to be stretched to its limit. Therefore, the all-IP trend and bandwidth growth requirements are driving end-to-end transport network migration from circuit switching SDH to packet switching Packet-Based Transport Networks (PTN).

Huawei SPTN series’ Ethernet Private Line (EPL) leased line service provides a variety of port speeds, adjustable bandwidth granularity, ultra-low delay forwarding, and similar performance as SDH/MSTP devices’. Meanwhile, with GUI-based end-to-end service deployment and maintenance, Huawei PTN products are easy to manage.

Tolly engineers verified that the delay of the EPL service with PTN devices was less than 110μs after 3 hops and less than 220μs after 6 hops for all tested frame sizes. The jitter was less than 1μs after 3 hops and less than 1.5μs after 6 hops for all tested frame sizes. Overall, PTN devices’ performance was on the same level as SDH/MSTP devices’.

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