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Title: Webcast: TELoIP Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay SD-WAN Evaluation

Publication date:   21 September 2017
Document number:    217133


Multi-link WANs alone do not constitute an enterprise networking solution. Intelligence is needed to turn that bandwidth into value. TELoIP’s VINO SD-WAN provides that intelligence. VINO SD-WAN can aggregate multiple underlay links, steer and rate-limit traffic at a per-packet level, provide failover, traffic shaping and acceleration all as a managed service.

View the on-demand webcast with Kevin Tolly, Founder of The Tolly Group and Kevin Suitor, Chief Marketing Officer at TELoIP discussing SD-WAN and presenting the study results by clicking on the link below.

TELoIP Webcast On-demand Landing Page.

The TELoIP-Tolly Reports can be downloaded at #217125 and #217128.
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