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Title: Huawei WLAN AP2050DN/AP2050DN-E/ AP4050DN/AP4051DN/AP4151DN/AP4051TN Access Points Feature Validation and Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   27 August 2018
Document number:    218115


With development of the big data era, Wi-Fi coverage is increasingly demanded. As one of the leading vendors in wireless communications technology, Huawei launches a series of 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless access points (APs) and solutions to meet coverage requirements of different markets.

Panel Access Points AP2050DN/AP2050DN-E: Suitable for hotel rooms, student dorms, hospital wards, offices and other small and high density room scenarios;

Access Point AP4050DN/AP4051DN/AP4151DN: Suitable for medium and small businesses, airports, bus or train stations, stadiums, cafes, recreation centers, and other. business environment.

Tolly engineers evaluated Huawei access points’ performance and features in multiple scenarios and compared them with Cisco and Aruba devices.

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