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Title: Optimizing and Protecting Enterprise WAN & Internet with Symantec: Leveraging Symantec PacketShaper to Manage Enterprise/Cloud Traffic

Publication date:   15 October 2018
Document number:    218134


Today’s application and traffic environment is already complex. And, with the move to cloud and hybrid services, is becoming even more complex. Services like Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce and countless others are becoming part of the critical infrastructure for companies large and small. Think about it - Cloud services, voice, video and, in many cases, customers accessing countless apps over your Wi-Fi have all jumped on to your enterprise WAN and Internet access links.

Traditionally, WANs are effectively invisible making problematic users and apps invisible. You can’t fix a problem that you can’t identify, and you can’t identify a problem that you can’t see.

The solution is to bring visibility to the apps that traverse your WAN and Internet links coupled with the ability to control how your bandwidth is used at the application or flow level. Visibility and control are the key elements. As this paper will detail, Symantec PacketShaper brings you all that and more.

PacketShaper led the industry into application-level visibility and the control of the enterprise WAN and Internet links. Its ability to manage network bandwidth by prioritizing application flows is long proven. As new applications appear on your network - and you know they will - PacketShaper can provide ongoing intelligence about the traffic flowing across your network and keep you in control now and in the future.

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