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Title: Xena Networks Valkyrie Layer 2-3 Test Platform - 10GbE, 25GbE & 100GbE Throughput & Latency

Publication date:   12 November 2018
Document number:    218142


LAN switches are at the center of every network from the largest service provider down through enterprise data centers and even into small businesses. The performance of the switches, ultimately, can determine the performance of the network and the business applications running across it. Testing is essential for network architects to have the confidence they want in their network infrastructure.

Xena Networks commissioned Tolly to illustrate some of the key capabilities of the Valkyrie L2-L3 traffic generation and analysis platform with respect to throughput and latency testing as well as results reporting.

Tolly engineers verified RFC2544 throughput, latency & jitter testing capabilities with multiple switches each outfitted with a different LAN topology. Tolly verified capabilities testing 10GbE, 25GbE & 100GbE switches.

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