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Title: Ruijie Networks Public Cloud Solution (Ruijie Cloud) Cloud Functionality and Comparative Access Point 2x2 Client Performance Evaluation versus Ubiquiti Networks and Huawei

Publication date:   21 February 2019
Document number:    219101


In wireless LAN (WLAN) environments, performance is limited by the capability of the client stations. Most clients deployed today possess 2x2 or 1x1 spatial stream capabilities and, thus, cannot take full advantage of access points (APs) that might offer 3x3 capabilities. It is instructive to benchmark AP throughput capabilities when used with legacy 2x2 or 1x1 clients.

Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance and features of several APs from their 802.11ac Wave 2 AP700 product line along with APs from Ubiquiti Networks and Huawei. Specifically, Tolly tested the Ruijie RG-AP710, RG-AP720-L and RG-AP730-L. These APs were compared to the Ubiquiti UniFI UAP-AC-LR and UAP-AC-PRO as well as the Huawei AP4051TN with various APs used in various test scenarios.

The Ruijie APs demonstrated better performance than competing solutions in nearly every test scenario in tests of video streaming, 2x2 TCP performance, long-range performance and roaming. Additionally, Ruijie demonstrated a feature-rich cloud management platform.

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