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Title: BOLO Network Cloud Storage Gateway Random Byte Storage (RBS) Data Security Effectiveness Evaluation

Publication date:   08 January 2019
Document number:    219102


Data security is a concern that never goes away. Over the years, encryption technology has gotten more sophisticated but hackers always seem to keep pace. BOLO Network’s unique random byte storage (RBS) technology defeats hackers by eliminating encryption as the protection mechanism and replacing that with its unique technology.

BOLO Network commissioned Tolly to demonstrate the key characteristics and effectiveness of the BOLO Network technology as implemented in its Cloud Storage Gateway offering. Tests were conducted on ten different file types that included text and media files all chosen by Tolly.

Tests illustrated that the RBS solution worked with every file type tested, shuffled test files randomly without adding any bytes to a file and successfully de-shuffled all files to re-create the original file exactly.

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