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Title: Huawei Campus Network Solution Interoperability with the SolarWinds Network Management Software

Publication date:   11 July 2019
Document number:    219115


For cost, security and functionality reasons, a campus network typically includes devices from multiple vendors. Third-party network management softwares are widely used for unified management and monitoring.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to verify its campus network solution’s interoperability with SolarWinds’ network management software. With the test bed topology displayed in Figure 1, Tolly engineers verified that the SolarWinds network management software could manage the Huawei campus switches and WLAN access controllers seamlessly. The SolarWinds software under test included the Orion Platform, the Network Performance Monitor, the Network Configuration Manager, the Network Topology Mapper, the NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, and the Log & Event Manager components.

Tests proved that the Huawei campus network solution is suitable for both single- and multi-vendor campus networks.

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