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Title: Broadcom NetXtreme® 25GbE Adapter Ethernet Adapter Impact on vSAN Performance: Competitive Comparison

Publication date:   04 June 2019
Document number:    219123


Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) combines virtualization, computer servers, the storage network and storage to provide a simplified architecture that offers both agility and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). HCI implementations such as VMware vSphere/vSAN can be optimized and deliver higher performance using 25GbE networking.

Broadcom commissioned Tolly to benchmark the vSAN storage networking performance of the Broadcom NetXtreme 25Gb Ethernet Adapter in a VMware hyperconverged environment and compare those results to similar Ethernet adapters from Intel, Marvell and Mellanox.

The Broadcom NetXtreme adapter outperformed the competing solutions in both IOPS and data throughput in all scenarios of 16KB blocks and higher.

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