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Title: Huawei Campus Network Solution Interoperability with Aruba ClearPass for Network Access Control

Publication date:   30 July 2019
Document number:    219126


Campus network’s access become more complex with the exponential growth of different kinds of mobile devices. When enterprises deploy new network equipment, one key requirement will be new equipment’s interoperability with existing Network Access Control (NAC) solutions for user endpoints’ secure access.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to verify its campus network solution’s interoperability with the Aruba ClearPass, a third-party NAC solution. The Huawei campus network solution includes the WLAN solution which uses the Huawei WLAN access controller as the NAC policy enforcement point for Wi-Fi users, and the Ethernet switch solution which uses the Huawei S Series campus switch as the NAC policy enforcement point for wired users. Tests covered user/endpoint authentication (802.1X, MAC and portal), device management authentication (TACACS), authorization, CoA, endpoint profiling, BYOD, posture assessment, guest lifecycle management and Mobile Device Management (MDM). With the Huawei access controller and the Huawei S Series campus switches as NAC policy enforcement points, the Huawei campus network solution passed all test cases to interoperate with the Aruba ClearPass.

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