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Title: Mellanox ConnectX®-5 25GbE Ethernet Adapter Performance vs Broadcom NetXtreme® E

Publication date:   07 October 2019
Document number:    219130


Data center computing environments for Cloud, Edge Computing and Hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) demand high performance throughput, 25GbE or higher server connectivity, scalability and resilience.

Mellanox commissioned Tolly to benchmark the performance of its ConnectX-5 25GbE network adapter against the performance of Broadcom’s NetXtreme E 25GbE network adapter in cloud and storage computing environments. The series of datacenter-oriented tests used included RoCE fabric, FIO, DPDK RFC 2544 and DPDK CPU throughput.

The Mellanox ConnectX-5 25GbE adapter demonstrated higher throughput, better scale and lower resource utilization across the set of test scenarios.

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