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Title: Huawei CloudEngine S6330-H Series Switches Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   18 December 2019
Document number:    219138


Huawei CloudEngine S6330-H series full-featured 10GbE switches provide high-density 10GbE access ports and 100GbE uplink ports. They are ideal to be used to in telecommunications service provides’ MAN aggregation, enterprise campuses, universities, governments and other application scenarios.

Tolly engineers evaluated Huawei CloudEngine S6330-H series switches’ performance and validated their features. Built upon Huawei’s high performance Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) software, CloudEngine S6330-H series switches support large resource tables, including MAC table capacity - 128K; ARP table capacity - 140K; FIB and routing table capacity - 192K IPv4 routes or 80K IPv6 routes; VLAN capacity - 4,094; ACL capacity - 6K rules; and NetStream capacity - 1M traffic flows. The CloudEngine S6330-H can be configured locally or work in the cloud managed mode to be managed by the Huawei Agile Controller.

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