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Title: Huawei CloudCampus Solution vs. Cisco DNA Solution

Publication date:   21 November 2019
Document number:    219140


As enterprise digitalization rapidly accelerates, traditional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is unable to address service development requirements in terms of efficiency and cost. As such, new technologies including automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are required to provide solutions for these digital transformation challenges, which include low Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency due to increasingly complex ICT systems. As a result, these innovative technologies enable enterprises to step into the data-driven intelligent era.

Huawei commissioned Tolly to independently evaluate both the Huawei CloudCampus solution and the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) solution across four dimensions: • Automated network management: How does the network solution provide simpler design, planning, and policy deployment capabilities for medium- to large-sized campus networks?

• Intelligent O&M and experience assurance: How does the network solution use AI-powered intelligent O&M tools to visualize, predict, locate, and automatically rectify faults in a simplified and more intuitive manner?

• Network security: Does the network solution support faster automatic threat identification and proactive defense, thereby reducing enterprises risks?

• Network openness: Is the network solution open enough to quickly integrate with industrial applications, so that the network can help enterprises digitalize services?

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