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Title: Huawei CloudCampus Solution AI-Powered Intelligent Radio Calibration on iMaster NCE (CampusInsight) Intelligent Radio Calibration Verification

Publication date:   14 September 2019
Document number:    219142


Intelligence is becoming a key requirement of networks, especially for wireless ones. However, O&M — a critical part of network operations — is often not intelligent enough and encounters issues such as low calibration efficiency, proneness to errors, and lack of comprehensive network situation awareness. The application of AI to networks helps tackle these pressing issues. With AI, networks can be trained and analyzed based on big data about the network situation and user behavior, implementing intelligent decision-making and proactive network optimization.

Huawei has commissioned Tolly, an independent test lab and provider of third-party validation services, to independently test the intelligent radio calibration feature of the Huawei iMaster NCE (CampusInsight), hereinafter referred to as CampusInsight. The test items are as follows:

Real-time simulation feedback for campus WLANs to assist network deployment: Evaluating the effect of intelligent radio calibration on channel calculation and simulation feedback of WLAN APs in seconds;

Predictive calibration for campus WLANs to assist network O&M: Evaluating the effect of intelligent radio calibration by identifying edge APs and predicting the AP load with historical data.

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