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Title: 128 Technology 128T Session Smart™ Routers Scale & Performance

Publication date:   11 December 2019
Document number:    220100


Enterprises recognize the significant economic and performance benefits of migrating away from private WANs to high-speed, “cloud-native” networks that leverage the internet, cloud infrastructure and, ultimately, 5G cellular service. New networks require new approaches. 128 Technology delivers a routing platform that is built from the ground up to improve your network and business by offering a solution that: reduces costs, is built with a focus on session-based routing, and provides zero-trust security with no tunneling.

128 Technology commissioned Tolly to independently evaluate the scalability, resilience and operational features of its 128T Session Smart Router solution. Tests included head-end and branch scalability, resilience in the face of numerous faults including link degradation, link failure, and router failure as well as operational tests that exercised upgrade/rollback and common graphical user interface (GUI) and command line tasks in nearly 20 separate test cases across nine scenarios. Tolly notes that 128 Technology is the first SD-WAN vendor to prove scalability in a Tolly test. 128T demonstrates its commitment to its customers by proving its formidable capabilities in a third-party test.

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