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Title: Tolly Proven PowerEdge MX Reference Architecture for VMware Cloud Foundation and Deployment Best Practices

Publication date:   06 April 2020
Document number:    220102


Large data centers are by nature complex. Deploying and managing data centers consisting of hundreds of compute and storage resources and likely thousands of virtual machines (VM) is no simple task, however. What you need for hybrid cloud is a single integrated solution that is easy to deploy and operate through built-in automated lifecycle management. What you need is VMware Cloud Foundation.

VMware Cloud Foundation is the capstone to the VMware product suite that delivers the data center of today and of the future. Cloud Foundation was born to run on Dell Technologies PowerEdge MX7000 modular, software-defined server infrastructure which, importantly, is a VMware Validated Design (VVD). The PowerEdge MX7000 is a chassis with its eight slots for compute and/or storage resources (sleds) meshes perfectly with VMware’s recommended cluster size of four hosts. Our intent is to describe in a realistic fashion how much infrastructure (hardware), time, and capital investment is required to get it off the ground and expand it down the road. VVD is a set of stringent design criteria established by VMware for SDDC.

In this project, we will build out a production-ready Cloud Foundation built on the Dell PowerEdge MX Modular Server Infrastructure. Our initial system will be built in a single chassis and provide a fully functional management cluster of four hosts running VMware SDDC Manager (Software-defined data center) along with all related VMware features and functions needed to deploy and manage a sophisticated hybrid cloud data center.

Then, we will outline the steps and changes required to grow from our single chassis to a multi-chassis deployment where two or more chassis build upon the initial Cloud Foundation installation. In fact, this solution is easily expandable to up to 10 PowerEdge MX chassis within the same low latency, inter-chassis, scalable network fabric.

The Tolly Group worked closely with Dell Technologies to document a “Tolly Proven” reference architecture/solution for leveraging Dell PowerEdge MX for private cloud deployment. The conceptual guidance provided in this document works hand- in-hand with Dell’s step-by-step cookbook on the topic: “Dell EMC VMware Cloud Foundation for PowerEdge MX700 - Deployment Guide” (Cloud Foundation Cookbook for short).

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