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Title: VIAVI Solutions Observer GigaStor Ethernet Capture Performance Evaluation

Publication date:   24 March 2020
Document number:    220104


Delivering acceptable levels of IT service while preparing for the next security breach has never been more challenging. Attackers constantly find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, inevitably gaining access to critical corporate resources. Meanwhile, accelerating growth in traffic volumes, complex multi-tier applications, and cloud-based deployments make service troubleshooting more difficult. NetOps and SecOps teams can't identify and resolve anomalies or reconstruct a security breach if their monitoring solutions don't see the problem or collect all the evidence. They must have 100% real-time awareness and long-term access to every network conversation for application troubleshooting and security investigations.

VIAVI commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance of its Observer GigaStor Gen4 family of capture, analysis, and storage solutions. Specifically, tests were focused on benchmarking maximum sustained full packet capture/write rates with no packet loss while delivering hardware-based disk encryption of stored network data.

Testing validated that the Observer GigaStor captures data without loss at up to 60.5 Gbps or 17.8 million packets per second

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