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Title: Huawei NetEngine AR6000 & AR600 Series Enterprise Router Performance Comparison Versus Cisco ISR Routers

Publication date:   21 February 2020
Document number:    220105


NetEngine AR6000 and NetEngine AR600 are Huawei's next-generation high-performance routers ideal for a wide range of network sizes and application scenarios in various industries. They provide strong forwarding performance with multiple integrated functions, such as SD- WAN, cloud management, routing, switching, virtual private network (VPN), security, voice, 5G, and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). They offer high performance required by enterprises to achieve service diversity and cloudification.

Tolly tested and compared performance of Huawei routers against similar Cisco routers under the same conditions. Test results show that Huawei NetEngine AR6000 series routers deliver superior performance over Cisco ISR 4000 series routers, and Huawei NetEngine AR600 series routers offer higher performance than Cisco ISR 1000 series routers.

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