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Title: Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) WLAN Access Point Comparative Performance Evaluation vs. HPE Aruba, Huawei, and Ruckus

Publication date:   09 March 2020
Document number:    220111


Wi-Fi 6 is the latest generation Wi-Fi technology that brings improvements in individual device and overall system throughput. Built upon more than 15 years experience in the WLAN market, Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. developed a series of Wi-Fi 6 access point models to cover different application scenarios. Ruijie’s Wi-Fi 6 products merges a broad range of technologies together, including 5th Gen X-Sense Smart Antenna, AI deep learning - WIS 3.0 for big data modeling, Software-defined Networking (SDN) for Internet of Things (IoT) along with end-to-end (from indoor, wall plate to outdoor) Wi-Fi 6 access point family suite.

Ruijie commissioned Tolly to evaluate the performance, user capacity, features and IoT integration of its Wi-Fi 6 access points including RG-AP880-I, RG-AP850-I(V2), RG-AP840-I and RG-AP820-L. Test results proved Ruijie Wi-Fi 6 access points’ superior performance with RG-AP880-I as the fastest Wi-Fi access point and RG-AP850-I(V2) as the largest user capacity Wi-Fi access point Tolly has ever tested to the date of this test.

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