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Title: Data Center Autonomous Driving Network - Huawei CloudFabric Openness

Publication date:   06 April 2020
Document number:    220113


In recent years, the biggest change within enterprise IT has been the development of traditional physical servers towards virtualization, cloud computing, and containers. The rapid development brings tremendous changes to compute and storage, and drives data center networks (DCNs) towards automation and intelligence. For example, SDN enables dynamic provisioning of network functions and provides elastic networks that collaborate with compute resources to quickly adapt to the development of new services in data centers. This requires DCNs to provide openness at different layers. In this way, customers can quickly customize and change networks based on service requirements to implement quick integration of IT systems and support rapid service rollout.

Tolly evaluated the openness of Huawei CloudFabric Autonomous Driving Network Solution.

Huawei CloudFabric solution consists of the following core components: iMaster NCE-Fabric (the data center autonomous driving network management and control system), and CloudEngine data center switches. Based on standard protocols, the solution implements multi-layer openness of the entire fabric and can quickly integrate and interoperate with third-party platforms and devices.

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