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Title: The Business Case for Infoblox BloxOne DDI

Publication date:   14 September 2020
Document number:    220120


We've all recently witnessed how critical distributed networks have become for businesses. Many organizations have had to assess, act, and add tens, hundreds and even thousands of remote sites and locations to their networks in a matter of days. These activities were more than just important, they were essential to business continuity. Decentralization of the enterprise is the “New Normal”, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing as the number of locations, devices, and users continue to increase.

This growing importance of distributed business locations is at odds with traditional, long-standing hierarchal deployments that made the headquarters the center of the universe. In that model, branch-office and satellite sites relied on the central site for services. In many cases, if the WAN access between the remote location and the central office was unavailable, the branch office could see services limited or unavailable, including core networking services such as DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (or DDI). This model is no longer feasible, as the need for continued business operations at distributed locations has become a top priority in nearly every environment. Infoblox BloxOne DDI provides the industry’s first comprehensive core network services solution to address these challenges, while streamlining the deployment, administration, and control of distributed enterprises, through a centralized cloud-based interface.

Infoblox commissioned Tolly to analyze key challenges facing enterprise IT organizations, and to identify if and how BloxOne DDI could meet their expanding requirements. Tolly analysts assessed the BloxOne DDI solution in a lab deployment and reviewed technical documentation during the course of the project. Tolly found three key areas where BloxOne DDI enhances the management and control of today's distributed enterprise networks: 1) Centralized Administration, 2) Mobility & Cloud Optimization, and 3) Distributed Site Survivability. Additional benefits include simplified deployments, streamlined operations, reduced TCO, and flexible physical or virtual deployment options provided by the BloxOne Platform.

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