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Title: Huawei CloudEngine S5732-H Series Multi-GE Switches Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   12 May 2020
Document number:    220121


Huawei CloudEngine S5732-H series new generation Multi-GE switches provide 24-port model, 48-port model, and 24-port (optical) + 24-port (electrical) hybrid access model, and provide four 25GE and two 40GE uplink ports, or two 100GE uplink ports. Each switch also provides one extended slot to support the 2 x 25GE SFP28 / 8 x 10GE SFP+ interface card, or the 8 x 25GE SFP28 interface card.

Tolly engineers evaluated Huawei CloudEngine S5732-H series Multi-GE switches’ performance and validated their features. Built upon Huawei’s high performance Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) software, CloudEngine S5732-H series Multi-GE switches support Native AC (built-in WLAN Access Controller) to manage up to 1,024 WLAN Access Points (APs) for convergence of wired and wireless networks. With up to 48 x 10GE Multi- GE ports and the PoE++ capability, CloudEngine S5732-H series Multi-GE switches are ideal choices to connect WLAN APs in the Wi-Fi 6 era.

This version of the S5732-H has been updated and the latest version is available to download here.

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