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Title: iDRAC9 Telemetry Streaming Visualization with Splunk Use Case: Using Telemetry Data to Assure Superior User Experience

Publication date:   06 October 2020
Document number:    220130


iDRAC9’s Telemetry Streaming, available with the Datacenter license, is architected to provide highly granular, high-value data using resource-efficient data streaming of server performance data. The true value of that data, however, can only be realized when it is collected and analyzed for multiple servers where trends and anomalies are more easily discerned. iDRAC9 data can deliver fact- based answers for important questions, such as: “Is my power usage linear or bursty?” Or “Do I have ‘zombie’ servers in my datacenter?”

Dell Technologies commissioned Tolly to demonstrate the end product use of iDRAC9 Telemetry Streaming data when used in conjunction with the Splunk “big data” analysis solution. Given that delivering superior user experience is a universal goal of IT, this report will focus on examining several key system elements and performance indicators provided by iDRAC9 streaming data that can be used to assure the quality of user experience.

Tolly found that iDRAC9 Telemetry Streaming provides essential information for analyzing large scale performance of enterprise datacenters.

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