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Title: Network Packet Broker Performance & Features Gigamon GigaVUE-HC3 Versus Keysight Vision X

Publication date:   30 September 2020
Document number:    220134


Network visibility is essential to network security and performance management. In practical terms, visibility relies heavily on a packet broker’s ability to process tapped traffic reliably and intelligently. All tapped traffic from switched port analyzer (SPAN) and test access point (TAP) ports must have duplicate packets eliminated and be delivered without loss to network security tools. Another key to complete visibility is application intelligence. Network packet brokers (NPB) are required to detect, report, filter and present application metadata to security monitoring tools in a reliable and consistent way.

Keysight commissioned Tolly to evaluate the advanced packet processing capability (deduplication, in particular) and the application intelligence of its Vision X network packet broker and compare them with Gigamon GigaVUE-HC3 with Control Card version 2 (CCv2) multi-purpose visibility fabric.

Test results indicate the clear architectural advantages and feature completeness of Keysight Vision X. As shown in Figure 1, each module of Keysight Vision X utilizes two pipelines of the switch silicon; allowing it to double the size of its filter storage. In addition, Keysight Vision X has greater packet processing capacity and, more importantly, does not drop packets under load. Keysight Vision X provides stable and consistent application intelligence even when the CPU is overloaded.

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