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Title: VMware Work From Home Performance, VoIP and Microsoft 365 User Experience Evaluation

Publication date:   22 December 2020
Document number:    220138


The flexibility and ease-of-use of SD-WAN has made it extraordinarily popular as the “next-gen” WAN for organizations large and small. SD-WAN’s network overlay topology can also provide significant benefits for end-user experience while maintaining solid throughput performance. VMware SD-WAN™ can remediate packet loss and deliver a high-quality experience even under adverse network conditions.

VMware commissioned Tolly to benchmark the quality-of-service and remediation capabilities of VMware SD-WAN to improve the end-user experience for voice- over-IP (VoIP) and work-from-home (WFH) applications. Additionally, Tolly benchmarked the packet throughput of VMware SD-WAN.

VMware SD-WAN demonstrated significant benefits for both VoIP and WFH use cases in packet loss scenarios. Furthermore, testing verified throughput performance as described in the VMware SD-WAN specification sheet.

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