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Title: Citrix ADC CPX Performance vs. Envoy Proxy

Publication date:   12 January 2021
Document number:    221101


Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) are the invisible workhorses of distributed computing. Containerized, microservices-based applications can place high demands on ADCs and ADC performance is an essential element of application efficiency.

Citrix ADC CPX (formerly NetScaler) is designed to enhance end-user experience by providing high performance traffic management coupled with low latency in containerized microservices-based environments.

Citrix Systems commissioned Tolly to benchmark the performance of the Citrix ADC CPX solution and compare that with the open source Envoy Proxy. Tests were run in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. Tests focused on measuring latency as an indicator of responsiveness, volume data and transaction rate, and, ultimately, end-user experience. Tests measured P99 latency which measures the latency of the worst 1% of the flows. P99 latency, being the most strenuous test, is the gold standard for latency testing.

The Citrix ADC CPX outperformed the Envoy Proxy in all test scenarios having lower (better) latency and higher data throughput and transaction rates.

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