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Title: VIAVI Solutions Observer End-User Experience Score & Analysis

Publication date:   27 January 2021
Document number:    221103


Ultimately, an organization’s IT infrastructure exists to provide business value through optimal service delivery. Network session data often holds the key to the source of IT service problems. However, massive collections of packets are of little use without sophisticated analytics to make sense of it all. VIAVI End-User Experience (EUE) Score analysis harnesses the power of your network data. Machine learning-based processing then applies 30 well-known and VIAVI developed KPIs for every network conversation on your network.

VIAVI commissioned Tolly to review its Observer End-User Experience Score solution and document key features and functionality. Tolly explored the solution and confirmed key capabilities. Tolly reviewed how actual data could be used to recognize and isolate a performance problem quickly. Using the intuitive interface, marginal or critical (poor) performance could be spotted quickly. Then, drill-down navigation and auto-generated dependency maps were used to isolate the problem down to a specific server’s database component.

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