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Title: Spirion Data Discovery Accuracy Evaluation

Publication date:   02 February 2021
Document number:    221104


Knowing the location of personal and sensitive personal data is essential for organizations of all sizes. You cannot secure what you cannot locate. The elements and composition of personal can vary dramatically across applications. One size certainly does not fit all. Business, government, legal, and medical environments have different and overlapping definitions of what is personal data. Thus, it is critically important to be able to customize any data discovery solution. Spirion provides for easy and flexible tuning to enable accurate definition of personal data.

Spirion commissioned Tolly to evaluate its data discovery and protection solution. The evaluation included a proof-of-concept (PoC) accuracy demonstration, installation, setup and filtering configuration.

Testing illustrated that Spirion could deliver 98.5% accuracy in a 200 document corpus with filtering configuration and tuning accomplished in under four hours.

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