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Title: SlashNext Phishing Protection Accuracy vs. Leading Email Security Providers

Publication date:   22 January 2021
Document number:    221108


Phishing attacks are not new but the sophistication of the attacks and, thus, their effectiveness is always growing. Instead of mass attacks many bad actors use targeted, “spear phishing” attacks. SlashNext has developed next-gen AI phishing threat intelligence and protection to help combat this omnipresent threat.

SlashNext commissioned Tolly to benchmark the accuracy of its phishing protection solution and compare that with several leading vendors of email security solutions. Tests were conducted with Microsoft Defender (Safe Links) and Proofpoint Essentials Business (URL Defense). An informal test was also run against the advanced threat protection offering, including their URL rewriting feature, from another market leading provider (Vendor X). The test corpus consisted of zero-hour phishing URLs submitted to the PhishTank community site as well as those discovered by SlashNext’s Threat Labs.

SlashNext delivered significantly greater accuracy on the zero-hour PhishTank URLs than the other solutions. Significantly, the other solutions could only identify 21% to 49% of the recent and zero-hour phishing URLs selected by Tolly from the SlashNext AI Phishing Detection Database.

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