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Title: Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100 Storage Server Scalability, Efficiency & Flexibility Analysis

Publication date:   04 February 2021
Document number:    221109


Nothing seems to grow faster than the need for storage. Few in the world of IT would argue otherwise. With IoT, image, and video objects feeding “big data” analytics systems, that growth curve can be steep as new systems are placed online. Dell Technologies has engineered its latest storage server with a focus on high-density, high-capacity storage customers.

Dell Technologies commissioned Tolly to study the specifications and characteristics of its Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100 and provide analysis and context as to where the device sits in terms of advancing the industry.

Tolly found that the Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100 Storage Server provides significant scalability and efficiency benefits both compared to prior generation systems and compared to current generation systems of a leading competitor. Significantly, the unit provides module server sled options that allow for high-performance optimization for specific application focus areas such storage/archival, intelligent video analysis (IVA), and media streaming.

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