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Title: Aukua MGA2510 Ethernet Test Platform Network Impairment Emulation Testing

Publication date:   08 February 2021
Document number:    221113


Unified Communication as a Service, UCaaS for short, has taken the world by storm of late. The Covid crisis necessitated remote working and remote working fueled UCaaS adoption. Assuring the quality of end-user experience (EUE) for VoIP and other UCaaS applications is an essential requirement. Understanding how VoIP apps behave under varying network conditions is a prerequisite for providing good EUE. Aukua System’s MGA2510 Ethernet Test Platform provides a network impairment capability to do just that.

Aukua Systems commissioned Tolly to evaluate the network impairment capabilities and ease-of-use of its MGA2510 Ethernet Test Platform configured as a network impairment generator. The MGA2510 is FPGA-based and can be reconfigured with a few clicks to serve as an inline network capture/analysis device or a network traffic generator.

Tolly tests confirmed the need for benchmarking UCaaS/VoIP applications showing that different VoIP solutions respond differently to network impairments such as packet loss and deliver different levels of EUE. See Figure 1. Tolly found the Aukua MGA2510 simple to set up, configure and run. Tests also showed the ease of which the platform can be reconfigured to serve as a network capture device.

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