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Title: NVIDIA Spectrum-3 vs Switch Built with Commodity Silicon 100/200/400GbE Performance Evaluation Evaluating Consistency & Predictability

Publication date:   26 August 2021
Document number:    221125


Public/private cloud computing is the modern infrastructure model for delivering business-critical applications. The network fabric is the foundation of the modern data center. The network bandwidth of each tenant needs to be protected so that they are not negatively impacted by a “noisy tenant” sharing the same network infrastructure. Applications are built assuming that the network will deliver consistent and predictable performance with fair sharing of resources. Not all switches meet these basic requirements.

NVIDIA commissioned Tolly to benchmark the performance, fairness, and tenant isolation capabilities of its NVIDIA Spectrum-3 12.8Tbps switch and compared that to a switch built with a 12.8Tbps Commodity Silicon.

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