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Title: User Experience with VMware SD-WAN Work-from-Anywhere with Dual WAN Links

Publication date:   12 November 2021
Document number:    221128


The flexibility and ease-of-use of SD-WAN has made it extraordinarily popular as the “next-gen” WAN for organizations large and small. SD-WAN’s network overlay topology can also provide significant benefits for end-user experience while maintaining solid throughput performance. VMware SD- WAN™ can automatically remediate packet loss and deliver a high-quality experience even under adverse network conditions. Dual WAN link deployments further enhance the user experience by providing even greater flexibility, robustness and higher aggregate throughput.

VMware and Intel commissioned Tolly to benchmark the quality-of-service and remediation capabilities of VMware SD-WAN to improve the end-user experience for voice-over-IP (VoIP) and work-from-anywhere (WFA) applications using a dual WAN link deployment. Additionally, Tolly benchmarked the packet throughput of VMware SD-WAN.

VMware SD-WAN delivered good voice quality (MOS of 4.31) across dual links even with packet loss levels of 15% and latency of 150ms with 20ms jitter. See Figures 1 & 2 respectively. VMware SD-WAN demonstrated automatic optimization for dual WAN links by automatically preferring the low latency link. File download of a 250MB video from Microsoft OneDrive illustrated that download continued after one link was failed. With both links active, a single download session was able to use bandwidth from both links for a faster download. Additionally, VMware SD-WAN Edge 640 delivered 3Gbps of device throughput across a pair of devices.

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