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Title: Apposite Netropy Traffic Generation L2-L3 & L4-L7 Ease of Use and Features

Publication date:   04 November 2021
Document number:    221140


Benchmarking is essential if companies are going to deliver on service level agreements (SLA). Validating the traffic handling characteristics of networks, applications and security solutions is the only way to deliver services with confidence. Traffic generators have been available for quite some time. In many cases, though, the complexity and expense of traffic generators has kept them out of all but the larger enterprise labs. Apposite seeks to redefine the traffic generator with its Netropy series. Netropy Traffic Generation delivers a wide range of L2-L3 and L4-L7 functions all using a browser-based GUI and at a price point attractive even to smaller companies.

Apposite Technologies commissioned Tolly to evaluate the ease-of-use features of its Netropy Traffic Generation solution, specifically the Netropy TrafficEngine -one of four applications available. Testing was conducted using the Netropy 10G2 platform that provided four ports capable of 10GbE. In addition to confirming wire throughput capabilities, Tolly exercised a range of throughput testing scenarios.

Tolly tests confirmed that the Netropy 10G2 can send and receive zero-loss, wire-speed 10GbE traffic on both sets of ports simultaneously. Tolly engineers were able to configure both lower-level and upper-level protocol tests without any product training using the browser based GUI.

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