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Title: H3C SR6602-I ICT Converged Gateway Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   27 December 2021
Document number:    221150


In the cloud-era, and especially with the global change to remote working, gateway devices have become extremely important for ISPs and enterprises. Gateway devices need to provide comprehensive support for WAN protocols, multiple VPN types, advanced forwarding modes such as MPLS and SRv6, high availability features, easy operations and maintenance functions, strong security, and SD-WAN technology to provide good user experience for remote workloads and various cloud services.

The H3C SR6602-I ICT converged gateway is powered by the Intel Xeon CPU and H3C’s Comware v9 software with integrated network, compute and storage capabilities. Its open architecture supports hosting OpenStack VMs and Kubernetes pods for value-added services. It supports high performance with numerous carrier-grade and enterprise-grade gateway features which make it an ideal and future-proof choice to be the gateway of carriers, governments, power industry, finance, education, and enterprise organizations.

H3C commissioned Tolly to evaluate SR6602-I ICT converged gateway’s performance, capacity, and features.

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