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Title: H3C AD-Campus Solution (Application-Driven Campus Solution) Functionality Validation

Publication date:   12 May 2022
Document number:    222103


The H3C Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) Solution is an innovative campus network solution which aims to achieve great integration and convergence to easily reflect intent to network operation. With full lifecycle management, open architecture and deep intelligence, AD-Campus is committed to solve existing challenges and assist customers to accelerate digital innovation and transformation.

AD-Campus combines VXLAN and the concept of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to create a new-generation flexible network. It converts campus network from "user adapts to network" to "network adapts to users", enabling users and devices to roam around campus seamlessly, while remaining consistent user experience and simplified network operation. It reduces complexity of network deployment and maintenance and meets the increased requirements of mobility and massive endpoint access on campus network.

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