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Title: Cubro Custos Network Monitoring Functionality & Efficiency

Publication date:   04 April 2022
Document number:    222116


When it comes to network monitoring, network size doesn’t matter. Local or global, small or large, it is essential for every company to have insights into network activity. Effective monitoring can provide critical insights into application usage, identify bottlenecks, and help reveal possible security threats. Cubro Custos is designed to be an intuitive and small-footprint network monitoring solution that provides critical insights into user and application activity.

Cubro Network Visibility commissioned Tolly to evaluate the usability, storage efficiency and approach to data structure used in Custos. Tests were run by evaluating a live network simultaneously using Cubro Custos and legacy NetFlow/ IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) files.

Tests showed that the Custos 3D-style user interface provided insightful, immediately actionable network information, stored network data dramatically more efficiently than NetFlow/IPFIX, and implemented a human-oriented data structure that could be easily integrated into 3rd-party systems.

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