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Title: Symantec Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Portfolio Comparison to Gartner SASE Framework

Publication date:   01 August 2022
Document number:    222122


The growing reliance of businesses large and small on cloud infrastructure has, naturally, focused attention on the security of that infrastructure. To reflect this new focus, industry analysts at Gartner coined the term SASE, Secure Access Service Edge, and defined the key elements covered by the Gartner SASE framework which is broken down into two areas: WAN edge services and cloud-hosted security services which Gartner calls the Security Services Edge (SSE).

Broadcom commissioned Tolly to examine its portfolio of Symantec web security solutions and document how they encompass the SASE elements as defined by Gartner.* Broadcom’s security components can work with any SD-WAN solution.

The Tolly analysis shows that the Symantec web security portfolio provides solutions within each of Gartner’s SASE categories and provides services beyond the Gartner main components.

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