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Title: H3C S5560X-EI/S5560X-HI Series Converged Gigabit Switch Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   07 September 2022
Document number:    222124


H3C S5560X-EI/S5560X-HI is a series of intelligent scalable GE switches with outstanding performance, high port density, and ease of installation. It supports industry-leading high-performance hardware architecture with H3C's state-of-the-art Comware 7 operating system.

1. Seamless wired and wireless integration on a unified switching platform. The license-based wireless access controller functionality enables wired and wireless local forwarding at the access layer, eliminates the bandwidth bottlenecks typical of a wireless controller, expands wireless deployment, and reduces TCO.

2. Reliable hardware design with modular dual power supply and dual fan design.

3. Advanced free-of-charge enterprise features and functions like layered security, VXLAN, IRF and MACsec.

4. S5560X-EI/S5560X-HI supports the extension slot with interface cards that provide high density GE, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE and Multi-GE access.

As an access device on enterprise networks, the S5560X-EI/S5560X-HI switch can provide GE connections for desktop applications. It can also be used as a core device on small- and medium-sized enterprise networks. On MAN or industrial networks, it provides GE access for users and transmits the aggregated traffic from downstream switches to core switches.

H3C commissioned Tolly to evaluate S5560X-EI/S5560X-HI access switch’s performance, capacity and features.

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