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Title: Valkyrie Automotive Ethernet Performance Testing of 100Mbps/1Gbps Automotive Ethernet Switches

Publication date:   26 May 2022
Document number:    222127


Ethernet has become the de facto standard for in-vehicle communication, especially for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs). This is because the immense amount of data generated by sensors, cameras, radars, LIDAR and external data flows like V2x, telematics and infotainment simply cannot be transported via traditional automotive communication systems like CAN (1Mbit/s) to CanXL (10Mbit/s).

Given the long life span of vehicles, it is essential that Automotive Ethernet (AE) switches perform within specifications and the first step in the process is to establish baseline performance in ideal conditions.

Xena Networks commissioned Tolly evaluate the AE performance benchmarking capabilities of the Xena Valkyrie system in conjunction with the Odin hardware module specifically designed for AE switch connections. Testing was conducted on an industry leading AE switch vendor.

Tolly tests confirmed the quick and easy setup for Xena Valkyrie to validate AE switches using industry standard “RFC” benchmarking suites. Test results generated included throughput, latency, and jitter.

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