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Title: H3C S6812/S6813 Series Switch Performance Evaluation and Feature Validation

Publication date:   07 September 2022
Document number:    222128


With the rapid growth of data center virtualization deployment, commercial deployment of 10GE servers, and high-bandwidth applications, 100GE and 10GE networks have become mainstream requirements.

H3C S6812/S6813 series switches are data center-level high-density Ethernet switch products independently developed by H3C. The S6812/S6813 series switches are specially designed for data centers and support rich data center features, dual power supplies, multiple fans, and flexible dynamic combinations of 40GE, 100GE and 10GE ports.

H3C S6812/S6813 series support IRF stacking and DRNI (M-LAG) to provide strong scalability, reliability, and availability. S6812/S6813 series switches also support the VXLAN protocol to build a flexible, easy-to-expand, high-performance layer-2 network architecture and a cloud data center that supports dynamic migration of virtual machines. As a high-performance gateway of the overlay virtualized network, it supports the multi-tenant data center operation network. By docking with the H3C cloud management platform, a new generation of data centers with high reliability and high scalability can be built that are flexible, efficient, and on-demand.

H3C commissioned Tolly to evaluate S6812/S6813 series ToR switch’s performance, capacity and features.

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