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Title: Auvik Network Monitoring & Management

Publication date:   26 July 2022
Document number:    222131


Solving user connectivity problems requires visibility into those problems. It is essential that all locations, networks and devices be quickly visible and easily navigated to expedite the problem resolution process. Auvik has designed its cloud-based network monitoring and management solution to allow friction-free, rapid access to all network devices.

Auvik commissioned Tolly to evaluate its network visibility system versus the network visibility capabilities of three other prominent solutions. These solutions represented both commercial options licensed by node and by sensor and open source options. These will be referenced generically. Tolly evaluated installation and functional capabilities such as dynamically generating topology maps, providing network visibility by IP subnetwork and VLAN, and providing detailed information about network infrastructure devices and access to those devices.

Auvik was very easy to install and configure for discovery. Auvik generated a topology map dynamically, provided network inventory by subnet and details on network infrastructure. Auvik’s capabilities exceeded those of the other solutions.

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