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Title: Symantec Data-Centric SASE Performance vs. Non-SASE Internet

Publication date:   29 August 2022
Document number:    222137


Running business communication over the public Internet might be cheap and easy, but communicating over the Internet is certainly not inherently secure and cannot provide optimal performance. Symantec SASE brings security, reliability and optimized performance to endpoints, by minimizing public Internet routes and preferring Google Cloud's private backbone.

Broadcom commissioned Tolly to provide industry-first validation of SASE performance compared to public Internet (Non-SASE) connections. Tolly benchmarked session connections that spanned three continents.

Symantec SASE improved throughput and reduced transaction time for both encrypted and unencrypted traffic in every scenario tested while providing integrated security services. These scenarios included clients based in California, Texas, Ohio, Singapore, and Frankfurt, Germany. Tests included single-client and multi-client distributed scenarios.

By using the Symantec SASE security stack, which includes complete URL and file inspection, customers benefit at two levels: 1) enhanced security, and 2) enhanced performance leveraging GCP and its traffic optimization and peering.

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