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Title: BlastWave BlastShield ZTNA Performance vs. OpenVPN, Perimeter 81, Tailscale, and Twingate

Publication date:   20 September 2022
Document number:    222138


Organizations are migrating away from traditional, hardware-based VPNs for many reasons including poor performance, management, and lack of flexibility. Instead, there is a movement toward secure access service edge (SASE) solutions based on a cloud-hosted, proxy gateway architecture. But, there is another way: peer-to-peer with both direct connectivity and full- mesh networking.

BlastWave commissioned Tolly to benchmark the performance of the BlastWave BlastShield software solution and compare its performance to OpenVPN, a legacy software-based VPN system, and alternative ZTNA solutions from Perimeter 81, Tailscale, and Twingate. (ZTNA solutions are also referred to as software-defined perimeter, or SDP systems.) Testing included client-to-application, and site-to-site scenarios where supported.

BlastWave BlastShield outperformed all competing solutions in all tests.

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