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Title: Linksys MR8300 Mesh Gaming WiFi AC2200 MU-MIMO Router Comparative Wi-Fi Gaming Performance

Publication date:   13 August 2019
Document number:    219124


With gaming, milliseconds matter. In an online battle game like PUBG, Fortnite or Wangzhe Rongyao, delay can be deadly. The Linksys MR8300 mesh gaming Wi-Fi router provides two 5GHz radios so that gaming clients can have a dedicated high performance 5GHz radio and avoid competing the bandwidth with other devices (4K TV, live streaming, Internet browsing, etc.) which are connected to the other 5GHz radio.

Linksys, Inc. commissioned Tolly to benchmark the gaming performance of the Linksys MR8300 and compare that to the performance of the ASUS RT-AC86U and the NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500. The Linksys MR8300 demonstrated up to 93% lower ping time (network latency) than the competing products in a multi-user environment.

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