8600 Switch Interoperability

Nortel Networks Passport 8600 Routing Switch Enterprise Switch Layer 2/3 IP Interoperability Evaluation

Sponsor: Nortel

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Document Number: 203137

Publication Date: 10/1/2003

Page Count: 4


Nortel Networks commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate the Layer 2/Layer 3 interoperability of the Passport 8600 Routing Switch Enterprise Switch, a chassis-based Ethernet switch for campus and enterprise networks. The Tolly Group engineers put the Passport 8600 Routing Switch through a battery of tests along with nine other products to reveal the depth of interoperability each switch provides.

Nortel was one of 10 vendors who participated in Switch Interop 2003; vendors were invited to participate in any of 19 interoperability tests. Nortel Networks elected to test the Passport 8600 Routing Switch in 14 of the 19 tests, including link aggregation. 802.1p/Q, Rapid Spanning Tree, Gigabit uplink, routing protocol, OSPF, VRRP and Split Multi-Link Trunking tests. Download the Test Summary to learn what other products the Nortel Passport 8600 Routing Switch interoperated with during testing

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