White Paper: Value of Integrated Perimeter Security - GERMAN Version

Measuring the Value of Integrated Perimeter Security, A White Paper Commissioned by Astaro Corp.- GERMAN Version (auf Deutsch)

Sponsor: Astaro Corp.

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Document Number: 204128DE

Publication Date: 7/1/2004

Page Count: 22


This hands-on study measures the time to deploy and manage an integated security solution versus two “best-of-breed” alternatives.

Engineers compared Astaro Security Linux versus two solution sets, one anchored by Juniper Networks (formerly NetScreen Technologies Inc.) firewall/VPN products, and the other anchored by Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. firewall offerings. Both solutions utilized anti-virus and anti-spam software from Trend Micro Devices, Inc. and URL/content filtering software from Websense, Inc.

These test exercises were intended to compare the effort and complexity required to deploy and to manage a comprehensive perimeter security solution for a typical medium-sized business for a period of 12 months.

The results were quite dramatic. The “best-of-breed” combinations took more than 3X as long to deploy and to configure. On an ongoing basis, the best-of-breed solutions required 2X to 2.5X more effort to manage than the integrated solution.


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